Hidden Object : Mystery Castle

Welcome to the Hidden objects mystery castle! All you need to do is find hidden objects listed on screen from stunning and adventurous scenes. Discover thousands of hidden objects inside this free hidden objects game offline!

Our new hidden objects game offers you a chance to find a hidden object and enjoy wonders of the mystery castle! Free hidden objects game will keep you engaged from start to finish. A combination of absolutely gorgeous visuals, well-implemented puzzles, and an interesting story make this a game that no Hidden Objects Game fan should miss.

If you enjoy playing mystery games and being a hidden object detective, it’s time for you to solve some hidden objects mysteries! “Search and find hidden objects” in a castle and invite mystery into your world! Whether you like hidden object games for kids or adults, this mystery hidden objects game is simply perfect for you!

This Free Hidden Object Mystery detective is a truly unique casual game, that successfully blends original adventure mechanics, hidden object gameplay and a truly engaging and humorous story. Play fun hidden objects levels and solve clever locks to make it to the next room in the castle. Use your Hidden Object skills to search for the next hint and discover a hidden object mystery in castle.

This Adventure hidden object game is free, you will have to find unique objects from all the scenes in multiple levels with mysterious castle rooms. If you are stuck anywhere you can use three type of hints for help.

This new Hidden Objects games are very easy to play with. For example, look at the screen, tap on the object and complete the scene you are investigating. find the object and you will unlock the next level for more hidden objects fun. It’s a solid and charming adventure that Hidden Objects Game fans shouldn’t miss.

Start an epic quest to save the castle in this delightful hidden objects game 25000 levels. This addictive game provides hours of fun while you have to search for a various hidden things like treasures, candy, fruits and vegetables, big toys, bear, coffee cups, cute little animals like dogs and cats, teddy bear etc. . For all who love playing top rated hidden object games: Are you keen of playing top hidden objects games? Be ready to face the real challenge of finding hidden objects in a messy castle.

If you like mysteries, detective stories or testing your observation skills we recommend the Hidden Objects games category. In these games you have to find objects hidden in old castles, abandoned houses, to spot differences between pictures, search for treasures on the seafloor or find your way out of a locked room.


– 100000+ Hidden Objects to find

– Stunning artwork, story scenes, and music

– Three type of hint systems to help you finding objects on screen.

- Pinch Zoom Feature
- 2000 Level hidden object game

– Free Hidden objects game

- Enjoy incredible scenes and find the clues to help solve cases.

– Solve the mysteries and hidden object puzzles.

Find objects in stunning pictures of the royal castle! Play hidden object games 25000 levels and train your brain to find a hidden object in the endless sea of cluttered objects in the picture! We offer you top rated hidden object games free of charge which you can play any time you want!

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