Hidden Object Games Offline : Treasure Island

We are pleased to present you the most refreshing and magnificent hidden object game of 2021. Evelyn on a Treasure Island: Hidden Object Game 25000 Levels is a mind-teasing and
soul-stirring game for the best players of hidden object games.

An island full of hidden objects and valuable treasure got lost before a century, but an old man has a map of that lost island. Some ill-famed and notorious men are trying to hurt the old man and get the mysterious map. Now it’s time for agent Evelyn to get the map and the valuable hidden treasure before those evil people. Download Evelyn on a Treasure Island: Hidden Object Game 25000 Levels once for free and enjoy finding the hidden objects game.

How to Play Evelyn on a Treasure Island: Hidden Object Game Free: –

– Get paired with the Secret Detective Evelyn to investigate the mysterious and haunted island.
– Find Hidden Objects just by tapping on them.
– By using the ‘Zoom in’ feature, find ‘the hard to find’ hidden objects.
– Whenever you get trapped in the scene use the ‘Hints’ button.
– Move the already zoomed picture to search for hidden objects.
– Whenever you like to see the whole mystery scene again, Zoom the picture out.
– Use these hidden objects for collecting clues and solving puzzles.
– Connect all these clues and find the real criminals.

Agent Evelyn is ready to start the expedition to solve the exhilarating mystery of the haunted island. Find the hidden gems and jewels by getting paired with our gorgeous secret agent Evelyn. Help her in tracking the map and finding hidden objects in every magnificent scene. Take your magnifying glasses out, and find out every single

hidden object on the island. Play Evelyn on a Treasure Island: Hidden Object Game 25000 Levels anywhere anytime without the need of internet connection.

Features you will get in Evelyn on a Treasure Island: Hidden Object Game: –

– Different Hidden Object scenes in 25000 Levels.
– More than 100000 hidden objects to find in the whole game.
– Use HINTS to help yourself for searching the hidden objects.
– Multiple levels with mysterious places full of hidden objects.
– Download Hidden Objects game for free.
– The sensational, spectacular and stupendous character of Agent Evelyn.
– No internet connection or downloads required, now play hidden objects game without thinking about internet data connectivity.

Evelyn on a Treasure Island: Hidden Object Game is a mind-blowing and mind- teasing game at the same time. Because of its eye-catching and brain-storming puzzles, this game is going to be the most addicting game of 2021. Whether you are heading for the work or leaving from the office, whether you are on a plane or in a cab, you can search the hidden objects and enjoy the game without getting worried of internet connection.

!!Explore the haunted and mysterious island and start the hidden object adventure today!!